So flower - Hollistic intelligent system to water indoor/outoor plants
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Connected watering.

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Take care of your plants

without having a green thumb!

The self contained watering system

So Flower is a connected and self-contained watering which allows you to obtain connected garden.

The drip watering system

The drop by drop watering is an accurate and economic system providing the right amount of water to your plants at the right time wherever you are in the world.

The smart watering system

So Flower waters on it's own and ensures two months of operation autonomy thnaks to application and sensors.

The connected garden

So flower adapts to any size of jars. With its flexible and smart water tank, So flower will easily fit into any environment : livingroom, patio, garden, desk etc.

The easiest way to water your plants.

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Thanks to the algorithms, So Flower sprays in the just quantity of water according to the type of plants, the weather report, the humidity and the temperature.

Thanks to So Flower and its drop by drop system, spray up to 5 hanging plants 4 in 10 weeks.

With already more than 400 varieties of plants listed and it's only the beginning !

Level of the reservoir, the high and low temperature, the weather report, the humidity : you are connected in real time to the health of your plants thanks to the application, and you are notified when you have to fill the reservoir.

Fill the reservoir, download the application (IOS and Android), and your garden becomes autonomous and connected !

Choose the So Flower cube with its geometrical style and its well of light which give it depth or go upmarket with its support in massive oak.

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